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Terms and conditions
  • Newswise is a news publication that writes texts based upon articles from daily and weekly newspapers. Newswise is registered with the Dutch Press Association (ANP)
  • Newswise material is solely to be used by the subscriber within the school. Thus meaning the physical location of the school to which the licence address pertains. This also applies to companies and private use. Copying and/or use by a third parties is forbidden.
  • The free trial period is completely without obligation and ends automatically at the end of the trial period. If you would like to continue using Newswise after the trial period, you can take out a subscription. A free trial period can only be applied for once per school location.
  • After the trial period you can choose to continue as a paid subscriber. The subscriber will receive two emails regarding the possible cancellation of the automatic renewal of the paid subscription. The first reminder informing the subscriber of the upcoming automatic renewal will be sent one month before the renewal date. The second reminder will be sent two days before the renewal date. If there is no response to these reminders, then the subscription will be automatically renewed. The subscriber can keep on using Newswise.

For all other terms and conditions, the CED-Groep’s general terms of delivery apply.

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